Grants and technology support

Since 2018, Microsoft has supported 29 AI for Humanitarian Action projects in 9 countries, advancing solutions to address challenges in disaster response, refugees, displaced people, human rights, and the needs of women and children through grants, technology donations, and data science support.

Our commitment

Microsoft has committed $40 million over five years to support nonprofits and humanitarian organizations working across these areas:

Disaster response

We support resiliency, response, and recovery programs designed for those affected by humanitarian emergencies.

Refugees and displaced people

We provide scalable solutions to help the approximately 79.5 million forcibly displaced people, including refugees.

Human rights

We partner with organizations to accelerate breakthrough solutions that help monitor, detect, and prevent human rights violations.

Needs of women and children

Our projects help ensure the wellbeing and safety of women and children around the world.

Programmes Making an Impact

We are working pan India through  these programmes:
Don Bosco for Migrants

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