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Choose Life. Not Drugs

National YaR Campaign 2022-23 focuses on addressing substance abuse among  children and young adults. This country-wide campaign with the participation of  member institutions and Don Bosco organisations and their partner networks in  India and elsewhere reaches over 300000 young people and adults annually, with a  variety of activities and discussions, in groups, online and on social media.

Substance abuse – often described as patterns of using various substances leading to problems like absenteeism from school or work, risky or abnormal behaviour, problems in mental and emotional health and family and social relationships – been  increasing rapidly in India.

Substance use presents itself as an easy way to satisfy the normal developmental need to take risks and seek thrills. For many young people, experimental substance use quickly turns into addiction that becomes an inescapable part of the landscape of their lives.

Our campaign seeks to create awareness among and impart knowledge to young persons who are most at risk of falling prey to substance abuse, particularly because of their life situations. Young people participate in multiple ways.

They create and perform songs, dance, skits, poems, artwork, mime and a variety of innovative activitis of their own and perform theme in their own circles and on online sessions for young people from across the country.

We share on our online platforms, research studies, social and multi-media  resources for young people and for the caregivers and parents and guardians,  and for everyone else who is interested. We have the periodic online sessions  “The UnSpoken”, shared live on Facebook and YouTube, on various aspects of the campaign theame presented by in-house professionals and invited subject experts.

31 August each year is celebrated as National YaR Day. The theme is the same  as that of the National YaR Campaign. The launch of the National YaR Campaign  each year is also on 31 August.

Our hashtags for the campaign of 2022-23 are #EveryLifeMatters and #DrugFreeChildren. We invite you to explore our store of resource material on the topic, “Choose Life. Not Drugs”.