Join us

Our work is made possible and strengthened by the support we receive from numerous individuals, institutions and organisations – well-wishers, donors, collaborators, partners, volunteers, colleagues.

There are organisations that have stood by us from our earliest years and helped us grow and extend our reach. There are organisations and individuals who continue to hold our hands as we work towards the dream of “life to the full” for every at-risk young person.

To each of you, for opening your hands and hearts to us, we express our thanks, and the thanks of every at-risk young person in our care.

We welcome you to join us, in any way you can or wish to. You can join us by volunteering your time, talents and expertise, whatever your place of residence, age or skills or experience. You can also support us through donations in cash or kind.

If you are inspired by our vision, and wish to know more on how you can participate, do write to us: