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Right to Play: We Rise

Children thrive in outdoor play spaces; it is a key factor to child’s wellbeing and happiness. Without this space to ‘escape’ the effects on their physical and mental health can be damaging.

Najampatty is a slum area where there are no open spaces for children to play. The only available ground near to the settlement is under the control of a government school management. The playground was polluted with garbage and was also a den to the drunkards.

Caring community group members of the area took the initiative to find a solution to this issue. They decided to contact the government school management and discuss the possible solution. With the support of Child friendly Salem team, caring community group members, civil society members and children groups cleaned the whole playground, removed unwanted shrubs and cleaned the whole area. Caring community group members convinced the school management to renovate the gate which was broken and the walking trail of the park which was filled with debris. The school also took the responsibility of keeping the park clean and guarded for the safety of children. The caring community group submitted a proposal to sanitary inspector and the waste containers were cleaned by them every morning. They also met the Inspector of the Ammapet police station and requested to visit the playground daily as the ground was used by boozers in the evening, which caused public nuisance.

By this initiative led by the caring community group and the civil society members, with the help of children groups were able to fulfill the dream of the children in that area.