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Juvenile Justice Alliance (JJA) was formed to proactively address and respond in a concerted and competent manner to juvenile justice, care and protection of children and child rights issues in the realm of policy, law and practice in India, as united voice and concerted action was needed after the JJ Act 2015 came into force with the amendment to treat 16-18 years old children who commit “heinous” crimes as adults, as a result of the public outcry in the wake of the December 2012 rape.



We bring together all the stakeholders (activists, government officials, law makers, police officials, legal luminaries) of child rights and brain storm the issues faced by them on day to day basis. Through this process the gaps and best practices are identified and the ways and means to address the issues are evolved.

Knowledge Hub:

We gather latest judgements and interpretation of courts related to child rights issues, best practices followed by child care institutions, successful tactics employed to counter the problems faced by child care activists etc. Activists/ Institutions who need help/advice related to child rights issues approach us for solutions.


Voice for the betterment of children would be heard only when it is sounded in one voice. So we linkup with district, state and region wise network inclusive of child rights activists, groups & organisations working for the betterment of children and form a state and region wise, broad based, multi skilled, egalitarian national alliance.


We advocate with secretaries to the government and law makers to address the issues of children by bringing in amendment in law or to implement new laws to protect the rights of children.


Latest Judgements, government notifications, Issues and articles related to children, best practices and success stories are compiled together and disseminated to all the members of JJA.

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