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Salesians of Don Bosco

The Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB); also known as the Salesian Society; officially named the Society of St Francis de Sales) is a Roman Catholic Latin Rite religious institute founded in the late nineteenth century by Italian priest Saint John Bosco to help poor children during the Industrial Revolution.

The Salesians’ charter describes the society’s mission as “the Christian perfection of its associates obtained by the exercise of spiritual and corporal works of charity towards the young, especially the poor, and the education of boys to the priesthood”.The institute is named after Francis de Sales, an early-modern bishop from Geneva.


Who we are


We have a strong network and roots.

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The name of this body shall be “Don Bosco South Asia Forum for the Young at Risk”. It
has been registered as a Trust under the name “Don Bosco National Forum for the
Young at Risk”.

a. Don Bosco South Asia Forum for the Young at Risk (DBF-YaR) is a body, under the aegis
of the Salesian Provincial Conference of South Asia (SPCSA), for reflection, sharing and
coordination among Salesians and their collaborators involved in the ministry with the
Young at Risk.
b. DBF-YaR is and acts as part of Don Bosco Youth Animation (DBYA). It, however,
operates with a level of autonomy as described in these statutes.

a. By “Young at Risk” (YaR), we mean children and young adults* who are in or have been
through life-situations or experiences that jeopardize or negatively impact their safety,
growth and development, and are in need of care and protection.
b. Young persons living or working on streets, child labourers, orphaned, abandoned,
homeless, vagrant, or run-away young persons, young persons in conflict with the law or
in prison, migrant or displaced young persons without means of livelihood, those eking
out livelihoods through occupations not suited to their age, through begging or petty
crime, “school dropouts”, those who have been deprived of basic educational
opportunities, young persons affected by wars, violent conflicts or socio-political
upheavals, young substance abusers, those infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS, young
persons involved in or associated with commercial sex work, trafficked young persons,
victims of abuse, third gender young persons, differently abled young persons, and
urban or rural young persons in extreme poverty are among those we refer to as
“Young at Risk”.
c. A Salesian province may include among “Young at Risk”, any other group in its area of
work that matches this understanding of the Young at Risk.

a. A Salesian YaR Centre is a Salesian institution, setting or presence that engages with the
Young at Risk in all or a significant part of its activities.
b. Salesian institutions, settings or presences that engage in some Young at Risk ministries,
which do not form the bulk or significant portion of their activities, may be referred to
as YaR Services.



Inspired by Don Bosco, our vision is of a world where every child and every young person lives, and
grows towards “fullness of life” in secure, enabling environments.

The mission of DBF-YaR is to inspire and lead Salesians in South Asia region and their
collaborators to respond with courage, creativity and commitment to the needs of the Young at
Risk and to advocate and collaborate with individuals, civil society organizations and
governments to ensure for the Young at Risk caring, enabling environments and opportunities
for growth, and development.

a. To energize Salesian Young at Risk ministry, and motivate individuals, communities and
like-minded groups, to involve in settings where young persons are at risk;
b. To advocate for appropriate social and legal systems and to work towards effective
safeguards to prevent neglect, exploitation and denial of rights of children and young
c. To accompany the Young at Risk, to provide for them care and protection, conducive
spaces to live, work together and develop, and environments of rights, participation and

a. Guided by Gospel and Salesian values, to animate, coordinate and plan for Salesians and
collaborators involved in the ministry with the young at risk, at the international,
national, provincial and local levels;
b. To network, liaise and collaborate with like-minded organizations engaged with the
Young at Risk at local, state, national and international levels;
c. To advocate for the Young at Risk and to influence policies at local, state, national and
international levels;
d. To coordinate and promote inter-province activities for the formation, qualification and
updating of Salesians and collaborators involved in the ministry with the Young at Risk;
e. To promote inter-province collaboration and exchange of personnel and resources in
the ministry with the Young at Risk;
f. To facilitate, promote and coordinate data collection, study, research, and
documentation in the area of the Young at Risk and related issues and to disseminate
information through various means of communication;
g. To evolve, promote and utilize web based applications and other appropriate
technologies in documenting and monitoring care of the Young at Risk and enabling
effective tracking and social reintegration of at risk young people;
h. To offer technical expertise, professional guidance, capacity building and other such
support to Salesians and others engaged in the ministry with the Young at Risk;
i. To keep abreast of local, national and international trends in the field of the Young at
Risk and to respond appropriately to related challenges and opportunities;
j. To take up projects and programmes for the Young at Risk in collaboration with
national or international agencies as and when needs and opportunities arise, with the
approval of the standing committee of the SPCA.

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