young at Risk
By Young at Risk we mean
children“child”, as defined by the UNCRC, to refer to "a human being below the age of 18 years” and young adults“young adults”, to refer to anyone between the ages of 18 and 29
who are in, or have been through situations that negatively impact or jeopardize their
safety, growth and development
and are in need of
care and protection.

Among those we refer to as
Young at Risk
are young persons“young person” to refer generally to anyone below the age of 29

living or working on streets,
child labourers,
orphans, abandoned,homeless, vagrant,
run-away children,
young persons in conflict with law or in prisons
young migrant workers,
those displaced,
with no means of livelihood,
those eking out livelihoods through occupations not suited to their age,
those engaged in begging,
or involved in petty crime
school dropouts,
those deprived of basic educational opportunities,
young persons affected by wars, violent conflicts socio-political upheavals,
addicted to substance abuse infected or
affected by hiv/aids
trafficked, abused, associated with or involved in commercial sex work
third gender, differently abled,
and those in extreme poverty.

young at Risk