Don Bosco National Forum for the Young at Risk, also known as DB YaR Forum, is a network of persons, groups and organizations committed to the rights, growth and development of vulnerable, marginalized children“child”, as defined by the UNCRC, to refer to "a human being below the age of 18 years” and young adults“young adults”, to refer to anyone between the ages of 18 and 29 who are in need of care and protection or who are in conflict with law.

Currently the network has 85 member institutions and organizations from across 19 states and union territories of India. Each of these institutions and their several sub-centres reach out to at-risk young persons“young person” to refer generally to anyone below the age of 29 through a variety of services and interventions.

Services on offer to young persons include street / railway platforms / bus station presences, rescue teams, drop-in centres, child line, shelter homes, children’s homes, youth hostels, home link and missing child search services, bridge schools, counselling and vocational guidance facilities, skill development and placement centres. In addition to providing emergency and follow up care to young persons in need, those entrusted to our centres are offered a variety of opportunities for holistic and integral education adapted to individual requirements. Our multi-skilled and dedicated team members accompany the child and assist her/him to stand on her/own feet and take her/his place in society.

Several groups and movements like peer leader units, youth for youth groups, alumni groups, child parliaments, child rights clubs, eco clubs, caring community groups and child safety nets are promoted and facilitated both within the institutions as well as in the communities, in the endeavour to create for the marginalized child an caring ambience that enables her/him to cope with his negative experiences and step forward into the sunshine of hope and opportunity.

Under the aegis of the Salesian Provincial Conference of South Asia, this forum is a platform for reflection, sharing and coordination among Salesians and their collaborators involved in the ministry with the Young at Risk.

Inspired by Don Bosco, our vision is of a world where every child and every young person lives, and grows towards “fullness of life” in secure, enabling environments.

Our mission is to inspire and lead Salesians in South Asia region and their collaborators to respond with courage, creativity and commitment to the needs of the Young at Risk and to advocate and collaborate with individuals, civil society organizations and governments to ensure for the Young at Risk caring, enabling environments and opportunities for growth, and development.

The key tasks we have set for ourselves are
  1. to energize Salesian Young at Risk ministry, and motivate individuals, communities and like-minded groups, to involve in settings where young persons are at risk;
  2. to advocate for appropriate social and legal systems and to work towards effective safeguards to prevent neglect, exploitation and denial of rights of children and young persons;
  3. to accompany the Young at Risk, to provide for them care and protection, conducive spaces to live, work together and develop, and environments of rights, participation and dignity.
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