Staff Training Session

By Fr. Solomon Rapol

A Staff Training Session was held on Tuesday, 20th February 2018 at Bosco Boys Home, Borivali. It was organized through TISS (supervisor - Ms. Trupti and MSW students – Ms. Soumya and Mr. Rajat).

Ms. Anjali Gokarna, the CEO and Training Consultant of Chetana Foundation and is an Ex CWC (Child Welfare Committee) member was the resource person. She has also been associated withother institutes dealing with issues and welfare of children in difficult and vulnerable situations. The training session which lasted 3 hours (2 – 5 pm) had the theme of staff interaction and team work, and was conducted with participants divided into groups. Several games and exercises encouraged participation and involvement of members. The various activities included

Each activity was followed by discussion on what was achieved. Through the games, several pertinent points were brought up:

The concept of the Johari Window was explained. Increasing the open area (known to self, known to others) would reduce the blind area (unknown to self, known to others) and hidden area (known to self, unknown to others), as well as reduce the unknown area (unknown to self, unknown to others). Through feedback from others, an individual is enabled to perceive and understand oneself better, leading to personal growth. As an exercise, participants were asked to give written feedback to others attending the session.

The participants enjoyed the session and it was a helpful experience for them. They freely expressed their views and communicated ideas. Feedback of the session was positive with many requests for more sessions continuing the learning from the activities conducted.

At the end, the participants were invited to ask questions related to the CWC functioning. Several enquiries and requests were put forward and answered satisfactorily by the facilitator, Ms. Anjali Gokarna. A vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. Rajat, followed by photographs of guests and participants.