Building Efficient Juvenile System

DB National Forum for Young at Risk (DB YaR Forum) - Juvenile Justice Alliance (JJA), New Delhi and Child Rights Advocacy Foundation – CRAF, Vijayawada jointly organized a State level seminar for “Building Efficient Juvenile Justice System” on 15 February 2018 at Hotel Swarna Palace, Vijayawada - Andhra Pradesh. Institution heads and representatives of 40 NGOs working for the welfare and promoting Child Rights from all 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh took part in this meeting.

Mr. Francis Thambi, Director – Child Rights Advocacy Foundation (CRAF) welcomed all the participants and shared the importance of the meeting. Mr. Roshan Kumar, Convener of AP Pro Child Group said “several aspects and the present set up of Juvenile Justice System need to be strengthened and the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) should play a crucial role in doing it”. Ms. Thabitha Vani, State Advocacy Manager, World Vision said “Their organization is also working for the welfare of children in two districts of Andhra Pradesh and we assure to cooperate with the group in all possible ways to strengthen the Juvenile Justice System”.

Mr. Sunil Kumar said the Child Protection Committee (CPC) at Village, Panchayat and Mandal level need Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for better operation and implementation of Juvenile Justice Act.Fr. Thomas Koshy, Director, Don Bosco National Forum for Young at Risk (DB YaR Forum) said “the Juvenile Justice Act 2015 has given more room and space for the government agencies for “Policing” the Child Care Institutions (CCIs) instead of working together with CCI’s for the betterment of children in the best interest of children”.

Then the participants were divided into 5 groups to cull out the gaps, loose ends, obstacles in the present Juvenile Justice System and to propose the best remedy to overcome those obstacles. After a brainstorming discussion all the groups presented their list of obstacles and suggestions to overcome those obstacles. They also explained in brief why they thing those points are valid and how their suggestions would somehow solve those issues. The points suggested were put together and will be used as a mechanism for way forward. Fr. Koshy suggested that a WhatsApp group can be created with all the participants through which important news and messages related to child rights can be circulated. Mr. Francis thanked each one for their active participation.