Carmel Jyoti Republic Day celebration, Manipur

On 26th January 2018 the High Court of Manipur celebrated Republic Day in the presence of the Children Home inmates of Imphal. Twenty children of Carmel Jyoti had actively participated in the parade. The program was organised by the Chief Justice of Manipur in collaboration with the Judges. Children of Carmel Jyoti were privileged to be part of the celebration at the High Court Campus. The Staff from High Court escorted the Children at 8.00 a.m. and the program concluded with Lunch at 12.30 p.m.They sang the National Anthem along with hoisting of the Indian flag, followed by Cultural and entertaining program performedby children. The children took part in group singing and dance. As part of their service, the Medical Department of High Court had extended their help by providing Free Medical Checkup for all the children of Carmel Jyoti. The children were diagnosed and free Vitamins and other medicines were provided free of cost.