In preparation for Boscoree 2018

A session on Scouting was conducted by Fr. Leon for the boys at Bosco Boys Home on Thursday, 25th January 2018. 35 boys were present. He divided them into their scout groups and conducted several group activities to illustrate some of the characteristics developed through Scouting. He also gave a description and an explanation ofScouting and how it influences in a Scout’s life.

The first activity involved each of the 4 groups keeping a balloon in the air and preventing it from touching the floor. This was to be done using only heads or by blowing air towards the balloon.

For the second activity, each group was given an envelope with several puzzle pieces in different shapes. Each group was required to put the puzzle pieces together correctly.

In the third activity, each group captain was given a sheet of paper which had geometrical figures on it. Members of each group had to listen carefully to their captain’s instructions and accordingly draw the shapes on another sheet of paper. The challenge here arose because all groups were being given instructions simultaneously, and members had to pay close attention to only their captain’s description.

Father Leon explained what Scouting was with several examples. “It involves learning in a natural open air environment through practical training and personal experiences. Learning occurs through fun, games and activities.Scouting is taught and practiced in 213 countries around the world. It is voluntary, non political and educational in nature. ‘Be Prepared’ is the motto of every trained Scout.” he said.

Furthermore he added saying, “Scouting prepares and educates the Scout for challenges, and prevents from being taken by surprise. It can be considered as preparation for, as well as, a way of life.”

The boys thoroughly enjoyed the activities and actively participated in them. They co-operated with each other to achieve the goals of each task through team spirit and competitiveness.

Father Leon ended the session insisting the boys to prepare themselves for the upcoming Boscoree 2018.