CCI Fraternity Forum, Don Bosco Ashalayam

16 December 2017: Child Care Institutions (CCI) from the voluntary sector play a major role in implementing the JJ Act and Rules. Across the country, thousands of ‘Children in need of Care and Protection” are being cared for by these CCIs from the voluntary sector. It is an open secret that CCI’s came into this intervention since the governments’ response to the needs of these children has been most inadequate. In recent years, especially after JJ Act 2015 came into force CCIs from the voluntary sector have been experiencing a great deal of hardships. Both the Act and the Rules have sections that give room for misinterpretation and as a result the JJ Act which supposed to pave way for smooth functioning of CCI’s is used to harass the CCIs in one way or the other.

In this context, on 16 December 2017, DB YaR forum & DB Ashalayam – New Delhi arranged for a consultation to discuss the problems and challenges faced by CCI’s in implementing the JJ Act and Rules and to share the obstacles they face and to discuss about the ways and means to overcome this problem.

Institution heads and senior staff members of 30 NGO's took part in this consultation and shared their views towards building a friendly Juvenile Care system. Mr. Anand K.Asthana, child rights activist & lawyer moderated the session.

After a daylong sharing and discussion, it was felt by all the participants that to take up their issues and to lobby with the bureaucrats and elected representatives,all the CCI’s in Delhi should be united under one platform. Hence a new Forum named “Child Care Institutions Fraternity Forum” was floated.

It was also decided that the CCI heads will meet again in the month of January and in the meantime efforts will be taken to strengthen the “CCI Fraternity Forum” by bringing in the CCI’s who were absent for the 16 December 2017 meet.